Dimitar Dimitrov

Teacher and Pianist

Piano Duo DimitrovBoelee

Dimitar Dimitrov, Elvire Boelee

Dimitar Dimitrov Pianist and Teacher

DimitrovBoelee Piano Duo

As well as performing as a solo artist, Dimitar also forms a Piano Duo with pianist Elvire Boelee. Together they peform exciting and varying concert programs. For more information and booking please contact us at info@dimitrovboelee.com or visit our contact page.

Online Piano Lessons

Piano lessons without ever leaving your house? Get piano lessons over Skype from prize winning pianist Dimitar Dimitrov. Click the picture to go directly to the shop.

Piano Lessons

Are you living in Assen, the Netherlands? You can have private lessons with Dimitar. Dimitar owns his own private practice in Assen and gives lessons to everyone. From absolute beginners to very advanced players, he helps everybody to get their best out of the piano. NOW AVAILABLE: Dimitar Dimitrov is now available for online piano lessons and coaching. Skype lessons can be purchased on the SHOP page. For any questions about piano lessons or skype piano lessons please feel free to contact us at: info@dimitrovpiano.com or contact us through the contact page.

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